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Figure Correction

From a medical point of view, the notion of correction means for eliminating a high-quality aesthetic shortcomings figures due to local accumulations of fat in the so-called problem areas. Presenting a comprehensive procedural approach to the problem, figure correction, however, is not a treatment of obesity, or other similar diseases, because these diseases have a different etiology. This branch of cosmetology is a part of aesthetic medicine, aimed at improving the appearance of the patients and their emotional state, just call it correction and correction of aesthetic defects of the body caused by excess body fat.

Today, correction services offered by various salons and beauty centers, more than extensive. However, their effectiveness, quality and, of course, price depends largely on the level and the overall direction of these organizations. Someone, operating correction as a service only offers spa treatments, where a massage is practiced, and where a more complex techniques which are based on advanced technologies.

At the State Research Center of Laser Medicine and correction procedures for eliminating defects aesthetic conducted on the basis of understanding the characteristics of subcutaneous fat and the possible deviations in its development due to various factors, including environmental factors. Inside the Center there are a number of specialized techniques of removing localized fat deposits. In particular, doctors Laser Medicine Research Center are working on two main areas:

  • Injection
  • Hardware.

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