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Party Make-up

What makes great party makeup? Each woman has her own definition of evening glamour, but the consensus says there's something alluring about glossy lips, smoky eyes (the little black dress of makeup) and softly dewy skin. Cocktail parties are a chance for you to experiment with colorful evening makeup looks that brings out your best side. Herein, a few cocktail party makeup ideas to get you started. You can try on cocktail party makeup in our London Beauty studio.

  • Foundation

    It is the basic of all make-up, so invest in a good foundation – it pulls your look together, controls the production of oil, and makes you look fresh for the duration it is on. The type of foundation depends on the skin type and skin colour. The four broad skin types are dry, combination, oily and sensitive. The three broad skin colour categories are: dark to wheatish; wheatish to medium and medium to fair. The two broad categories in foundations are a lighter consistency foundation for the day and heavier coverage for the night. Indian skin tones should use foundation which has a pink base; this tone is meant for Caucasian skins. Always go for a base with a brown or burnt orange tinge in it.

  • Eyes

    A majority of Indian skin tones look good in eye shadow colours of deeper shades such as plums and browns. Remember that less is always more, so use a smaller brush and line all over the eye line area and closer to the lashes. Mascara is a must for everyone, it opens up the eyes, it can be worn alone as well and it makes the eyes look bigger and beautiful.

  • Cheeks

    The colour you use on the cheek depends on the outfit and the occasion. Warm tones look better on Indian skin tones, so opt for brown and coral colours. The trick is to use a darker tone of blusher under the cheek bones, a lighter colour above the cheek plane and a nude illuminator or a light pastel on the apples of the cheek.

  • Lips

    Lipliner is essential if you want long lasting lipstick or if you want to change the line of your natural lips. Always match the colour of your lip liner and lipstick or skip the liner altogether. For daily wear, go with a bright pink or a coral lip stain.

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